This is a small ritual for those lonely people who wish to find their soul mate. Perform it on a Friday at crescent moon for 7 days. It is a ritual that must be performed with great concentration and repeated every month.

Procedure: Place a white candle in the centre, an orange candle on the left and a red one on the right. On each of the candles, write your name with the help of a small piece of wood, for example a toothpick.

Around the candles make a circle with red and white rose petals – white for the purity of your intentions. Red for passion – moisten the petals with your personal perfume or with rose water.

Place a rose quartz in front of you and sprinkle a little bit of your personal perfume on it as well as a little bit of ground cinnamon.

It’s time for visualization: Just showered, with your hair down, bare feet if possible, soft music and appropriate incense, visualize how that person you want so much comes into your life. Don’t put a face to it, feel the emotions; those feelings of happiness and fullness that you will feel when it becomes a reality. Remember that our thoughts produce actions.

Repeat every month. If you concentrate properly and are constant, do not doubt that your desire will be granted by the energy of the universe.

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