To sweeten and make the loved one more attentive and attentive to us:

One Friday, from the crescent moon, you take a small glass, put the names of the two of you on brown paper with a pencil. In the middle the word ‘come to me’ or similar.

Fold it inwards three times. Add honey, brown sugar and cinnamon.

Take 3 red candles and place them in a triangle shape with the vertex upwards. Place the glass in the middle.

Light the candles clockwise, starting from the top. We concentrate well on the loved person, visualizing our desire, feeling emotions, vibrating as if it were true – it will be true – we make an invocation or prayer of our liking, or a prayer of love, always out loud, with a firm and determined voice. We are decreeing a situation that we want to be real. We must not hesitate.

Once the candles are completely burned, the remains are kept in our intimate clothing. The glass is placed somewhere high in our bedroom.

This simple ritual can be extraordinarily enhanced if instead of candles, red candles or even more candles of love, mastery, despair or similar are used. And by adding powders and oils such as meek lamb, love, despair or similar. And of course, without forgetting the appropriate incense for our desire.

If in doubt, ask me. I will advise you on what is best for you and your personal situation.

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