The aim of this ritual is to stop being a victim of harassment or persecution by an annoying or annoying ex-boyfriend or partner. And thus clear the way for the love to come.

Remember to do it during the waning moon, and preferably on a Saturday.

Obtain a purple paper without lines or squares.

Write down the full name of the former partner – or boss or friend – whom you wish to keep away. If possible, also include the date of birth below.

Put the paper with the name on it in a clear glass jar. Add ‘flying’ or ‘salt out’ powder

Fill the container with coarse salt and separating vinegar until the paper is completely covered – it must be covered by the liquid.

Cover the glass container and seal it with black candle wax (if you don’t like black, you can replace it with a lilac-coloured candle that symbolises transmutation)

Keep it in the freezer.

Wait exactly 27 days.

When this time has elapsed, remove the frozen bottle.

Wrap the bottle in a rubbish bag.

Leave the bag with the bottle in a place away from your home.

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