Take a photo of the abusive couple, a medium sized mirror, and 3 candles of St. George.

Now, take the photo of the aggressive person, place it in front of a mirror, light the candles of St. George and say firmly: under the protection of the powerful St. George, I no longer fear anything and I face evil with divine strength, I decree to repel your darkness – bring the photo closer to the mirror 3 times – and bury your damage in the coal and salt.

In a suitable container, put 3 charcoals. Sprinkle some separating powder on the photo of the abuser as you take out – take out or fly and some separating oil.

Light the coals, when they are glowing add the photo – if it is very big fold it several times – and add some coarse salt gently. The purpose is to get the photo totally reduced to ashes and covered by several layers of salt. Wait until the 3 candles are completely consumed and bury the ashes or throw them into a watercourse.

The remains of the wax as well as a postcard of St. George, keep them somewhere known only to you for your personal protection.

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