You will need : 1 red consecrated candle, 3 strands of thread of a colour similar to that of the loved one’s hair, 1 small bottle of oil – or essence – of desire, 1 piece of white paper without stripes

The spell must be done on a Friday night, during a rising moon phase and it works if the other person has any interest in you; what the spell does is boost the desire that person feels to a very high degree. It’s highly recommended to use with boyfriends or husbands who lost a little bit of desire.

Warm up the candle a little bit and stick three sewing threads of a colour that is close to the colour of the beloved person’s hair. ( if we get three hairs of that person much better ). The ideal would be to make a little crack in the candle, introduce the thread or the hair. Seal the hole with melted wax of the same colour.

Once you have done this, take the candle in your hands and start to visualize. See the loved one confessing his or her love, burning with passion, attentive and affectionate, totally devoted to you.

At this point take the oil – or essence – and put it on your fingers, sliding them gently along the candle, with slow, sensual movements, as if you were caressing your lover’s skin, while continuing to imagine that you are together.

Then light the candle and with great concentration say: ‘love is sweet, desire is infinite as I caress this candle I would like to caress you and you to caress me, spirits of desire hear my plea and come to my aid now’.

Then, by the light of the flame, write – in pencil – the name of your lover three times on the paper and burn it in the flame of the candle and while the paper is burning say aloud the name of your lover three times.

Let the candle burn out. Scatter the ashes in the air and keep the remains of the wax wrapped in some intimate garment.

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