You will need: 1 pink or red candle, or a love candle

1 small bottle of love oil. Perfume or essence can also be used.

A love incense

On a Friday night, always in a crescent moon phase, take the candle in your hands, focusing your mind on the true love you want to find. Visualize very concretely your desire: a free person, without compromises, who likes to travel,… ask exactly what you want. This is one of those few cases where it is better to ask too much and not fall short.

Smear your fingertips with the oil or perfume of love and slide them over the candle, with movements similar to caresses. While you are doing it and very concentrated say in a loud and firm voice: “spirits of love, come to my aid, let me see and find true love, spirits of love come to help me to find someone to caress me as I do with this offering”.

Then light the candle and incense and concentrate on the thought of true love for 15 minutes, repeating the above phrase twice more.

Leave the candle lit until it is completely consumed and whenever possible say the above invocation in front of it. The more times the better.

Repeat every month the same ritual until love comes into your life.

This simple ritual can be increased significantly if at the same time you give yourself baths for love, especially if they are specially prepared for you. In this way your vibrations will be cleaner and your wish will come true sooner.

The only thing this ritual needs for success is perseverance and constancy.

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