Take a banana and cut it in two lengthways. Put honey, sugar and cinnamon in each of its parts. Then write the name of the loved one 7 times on a paper – white and with pencil, although ideally on parchment and with love ink – and place it in the centre. If you have something of the loved one, such as hair, put it too. Finally, join the parts, add honey, sugar and cinnamon, wrap with aluminium foil and tie with a red thread.

As always this ritual can be enhanced: in this case and after having put the honey, sugar and cinnamon, oils and powders of love and dominion or similar will be added. Three red candles will be used for the vigil – the number three is very strong and the pyramid shape amplifies the energies of the ritual. In this case, the candles will have to burn constantly during the 7 days. Do not forget the appropriate incense. One will be used every day.

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