Of all times, baths have been a common, easy and very useful practice in magic works. Indeed, we often complain – and rightly so – that our paths are blocked, that nothing happens, that we have a run of bad luck.

First of all, we have to start at the beginning, that is, by cleansing our astral body, ‘retuning’ our energies to the universal cosmic energies.

Here is a simple protective ritual.

Essence of thyme

Basil essence

Essence of geranium

Ruda oil

Oil of Rompezaraguay

Essence of 7 powers

1 garlic

7 branches of parsley

Coconut Soap

7 laurel leaves


If you think someone is trying to do you any spiritual or material harm, boil the herbs with the liquor. Leave the serene – the sun and the moon – for 3 full days. Strain and add the oils and essences.

After personal hygiene, soap yourself with the coconut soap which is protective, and then, as if to seal, pour the mixture over yourself. This should be done on Tuesday and Friday evenings. At each bath, imagine that you have a protective shield around you that will rid you of any evil or damage from the outside.

These baths should be done during 9 times.

Since it is a protective bath, it is recommended that when you do so, you should say a prayer of protection – you will find several on this website – and also put up protective candles, such as the candle to St. Cyprian, or of Volteo, to return the evil to its origin. This in order to intensify the strength and power of this wonderful bath of protection.

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