Of all times, baths have been a common, easy and very useful practice in magic works. Indeed, we often complain – and rightly so – that our paths are blocked, that nothing happens, that we have a run of bad luck.

First of all, we have to start at the beginning, that is, by cleansing our astral body, ‘retuning’ our energies to the universal cosmic energies.

Here is a simple ritual to attract money into our lives.

Money Soap

Essence or perfume of money

Essence or oil of Rompezaraguay

Essence or perfume of 7 powers.

Flowery water

Divine water

Kananga Water


Cologne or perfume money (optional)

Smothering of money. Coals.

Prepare the bath on a crescent moon day – and keep it quiet for 3 full days – that is, give it sunlight and moonlight – after taking our personal hygiene shower, soaping with money soap and rubbing with fresh parsley to remove negative energy. Before leaving the bath, rinse with the water and essence mixture.

It is recommended to use a perfume or money cologne to spray all over the house – especially the cupboards – and to continue by passing the money snuff all over the house, always in a clockwise direction.

For greater effectiveness, it is recommended to do this bath on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday. It can also be enhanced for greater efficiency and speed, by putting in candles of money on the same day.

Try and see ….

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