O Lord John. Spirit of goodness, who through your great power will help me to achieve not an impossible, but yes, a little luck in love. I will always carry you with me so that you may give me luck and deliver me from many evils. Amen.

Sincere passion is born in the soul, as it was born in Adam and Eve in the earthly paradise. Thus the great longing for love and desire, which is the divine consolation of love, is born for man and woman, thus united by passion, they adore each other with the divine protection of the miracle “Don Juan del Amor”, who will give me the pleasant happiness and tenderness of marriage with infinite power, as I ask in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Note: Prayer is said at night before going to sleep. It is recommended that a candle be placed on a crescent Friday for this saint.

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