Sometimes, even when there is love, one loses a little bit of passion for one or another cause. If you want to revive your partner’s passion, here is a ritual that will give you very good results.

3 red candles

3 pink candles

3 red roses

Oil or essence of love

This ritual is performed three days in a row. On each day you will need 1 pink and 1 red candle, as well as one of the red roses.

Spread the 6 candles with love oil in an odd number of times.

Light one red and one pink candle per day. The pink flower in front of both

When you have your candles and roses ready, and with all the concentration in the world, decree this prayer:

By the light of this candle I will draw you to me. You will not be able to run away or hide from this energy. You shall be for me and forever.

I will know how to make you happy and you will think of nothing else. You (say the name of the loved one) and I (say your name) united by love, will be one forever and ever.

In the name of the archangel Anael, may love always reign between you and me.

When the candles of the three days have been consumed, take a pot, put the remains of wax in it, as well as the rose petals, and plant a flower in it that for you evokes beauty or love. Just be careful that they are not flowers with thorns.

To make a crescent moon Friday. And only if there is true love between you. If not, it is not worth it.

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