If your desire is to seek the loving approach and attract back a partner you feel is drifting away from you, try this small and easy ritual.

Take 7 green candles, one of the colours associated with the planet Venus, the planet of love. The green that is not very clear, rather a green that you associate with fertility.

Make 7 photocopies of your loved one’s photo and wrap it around each candle. But first, on that same paper, you must write:

For the bonds that one day united us, come back (say the name of the person who has left) to me, come back intensely in love-so that you will never leave. Even if they tie you up and bind you with magic or sex, remember that I am your attentive love.

After this, place a candle under your pillow for a whole day and night, while the remaining candles will remain hidden among your personal belongings. The next day at sunrise, light it and recite the spell three times in a row, loud and clear. If you can’t light it at sunrise, you can do it at moonrise.

Obviously, you must do this during the crescent moon phase and for 7 days in a row, starting on Friday. Each day you will put one of the candles under your pillow until you finish all of them at the end of the 7 days.

If your case is particularly difficult, repeat the following month and also for 7 days.

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