We will take 4 sticks of the appropriate incense (see the article on incense in this section, under the heading ‘miscellaneous items’), and arrange them in the shape of a cross. Place them on a surface from which you can collect the ashes.

Grind a few mustard seeds, a handful of rue, a handful of rosemary and a stick of cinnamon in a mortar and add some powder. Crush and mix everything. Light a candle or money candle and put it next to the mortar.

When the incense sticks are completely consumed, collect the ashes and mix them with the herbs; at that precise moment, decree with a firm voice and absolute conviction:

Money, come, come. I need you and from now on you are by my side.

You will arrive by all means. And you will stay by my side.

We leave this mixture in the mortar until the candle or the candle has burned out completely.

Put the whole thing – that is, the herbs, ashes and the remains of the wax – in a small yellow bag that will serve as an amulet and that will be kept in a place for us related to the money.

This ritual, despite its simplicity, is extremely effective. The only precaution to take is to enhance it from time to time with candles or money candles or with appropriate powders and oils.

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