This spell of fortune can be done with a note or a coin of any value.

You will have to wait for a full moon night and go out to your patio or lean out of your house window where you can see the moon or receive its light. Smear the coin or banknote with the scent of money. Let it dry.

Standing in place, hold the note or coin in your left hand with your arms open, look up at the sky and perform the next invocation:

By the power of my Lord, let money flow to me, every day in greater quantity.

By the power of my Lord, may abundance flow to me, every day, in greater quantity.

Now look at the money and say:

This note – or coin – is a magnet that will attract many others like it to me. It will be my treasure, it will be my fortune. It will be my fortune.

Finally conclude by thanking the divine powers you have summoned to this ceremony and keep the money magnet always with you in your wallet.

Repeat this little ritual every month and you will see how the money starts to flow towards you.

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