This is a very simple but very effective amulet so that we never lack money. I carry it in my wallet, I have prepared it for many of my clients… I can vouch for its effectiveness.

Take a small piece of black fabric – felt, corduroy, linen – about 5cm by 5cm. Let’s sew it – with black thread – in such a way as to leave only an opening. We will introduce 4 black buttons with 4 holes, a little leaf of laurel and some golden powder (which will represent the golden rain). Close the bag.

Take 3 candles of San Juan del Dinero or 3 candles of San expedito – if there is an emergency -. Put them in the form of a triangle with the vertex upwards – representing the pyramid -. Place the bag in the centre. Light the candles clockwise, starting from the top.

Say the prayer to St John of Money or St Expeditus, as chosen. Once the candles have been consumed, throw away the remains of the wax and from that moment on, always put the amulet in the purse.

This is done on a Thursday or Sunday with a crescent moon.

Note: this amulet must be enhanced from time to time, about 2 or 3 times a year. To do this, all you have to do is put candles again, as indicated above.

For those who do not want to invest, do not put the golden powders and instead of candles put yellow or golden candles. The amulet will also fulfil its mission, but always remember that if you want something very much, you will have to give something in return and demonstrate the strength and sincerity of your wishes as well as the vibrations you emit.

May the goddess of fortune smile on you all….

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