If you are the victim of persecution from a former partner who does not want to accept that you have said ‘it’s over’, this ritual can help you. Don’t forget that the right day is a Saturday at a waning moon.

On a white cloth, place a white checkered paper and write, with pencil – better still with separating ink – the person’s full name in block letters. First from right to left and then from left to right.

Separately, mix coarse salt, pepper, sack or flying powder and a few drops of vinegar, stir well. Spread a small brush in the mixture and write the name again on top of the one you have already written in pencil.

While you are doing it, say: this act cuts off your influence, undoes your power, takes away your memory, avoids your presence. Get out of my life. In peace we both remain. Go on your way far away from mine.

Do the same from left to right and repeat the phrase of the spell.

Once you are back to your house, pass a cleansing snuff all over your house and take a bath to get rid of all traces of bad energies and vibrations.

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