Those endless preambles, full of shyness and doubts, can be favourably ended with the help of this magic recipe.

You need:

1 love candle

1 rose and charcoal-scented smoke

3 white roses without stem

1 plain white paper

1 sheet of white tissue paper

Personal Perfume

Essence of love

The abundance of white in this spell helps to dispel insecurity and bring calm to the person you are waiting for.

It should be practiced on Fridays, the day of Venus, symbol of love. Form a triangle with the roses, sprinkle them with your personal perfume and the essence of love and in the middle, place the lighted candle; light the charcoal and add the incense. On the plain paper write the following phrase: ‘I…. I invoke the energies of love to make this precious appointment come true’.

Let the candle burn out completely; wrap the roses in the tissue paper and keep them in a well hidden place until the desired encounter becomes a reality.

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