To continue – and in a way complete the previous topic on angels – I will now talk about the archangels. Many of the names of these spiritual entities are known to us as they appear several times in the Bible or other similar books.

And, of course, we humans, more or less, are familiar with angels and archangels, who, as you know, are the ones closest to us, for their task is precisely that, to help us in all aspects of our life although, in a sense, we could say that the archangels are specialists and their tasks are to lead us so that we can complete our life plan.

The best known to us are:

The Archangel Michael. His name means HE WHO IS LIKE GOD.
He is the great champion and fighter. He was the one who led the heavenly legions in the battle to defeat Lucifer, the angel of pride. He is the protector par excellence, both on a physical and spiritual level and he liberates us from all kinds of fears. Working with this great archangel is wonderful. When for one reason or another we have fears of whatever kind, we can invoke him.

Working with the Archangel Michael stimulates our search for truth and helps us to dispel our ego and live more in accordance with the divine will.
His colour is sapphire blue.

An invocation for protection is this:

Archangel Michael, I invoke you, that with your wonderful blue sword of light you may make a shield of protection for all my bodies, so that no physical or psychic danger may come to me.
St. Michael above
San miguel below
San Miguel on the left
San Miguel on the right
San Miguel ahead
San Miguel from behind.

See yourself surrounded by that colour. Imagine yourself protected by a bubble of that colour. And then relax. There is nothing to fear anymore.

You can protect yourself this way. Or your car. Or your house. Or someone else…

The archangel JOFIEL_ his name means THE BEAUTY OF GOD.
He is the archangel of wisdom, both on a human and spiritual level. He helps us to understand the wisdom of the divine plan.
His invocation therefore gives us wisdom, enlightenment, understanding, inspiration and at the same time helps us to assimilate all information and is therefore very helpful to students.
His light brings illumination to the soul, strengthens the connection with our Higher Self and with our guides and teachers.
Its colour is yellow.

When you want to increase your understanding, whatever the subject, you can say this little invocation:

From the heavenly heights come, shining angels, flood my being and my mind with light.
The Archangel Raphael_ his name means GOD HAS HEALED
Their help provides healing and healing at all levels. On a purely physical level, but also to heal the soul, the attachments and fears that we bring with us, that we carry with us from other lives. We all know by now that almost all the things that make us suffer, come from emotional wounds.
Their help develops divine vision, intuition and understanding, through balance and harmony.
Its colour is green, the bright emerald green.

The archangel Raphael and his angels convey a beautiful message to us:

We come to heal the soul, the mind and the heart; knowing full well that the healing of the body will follow.
Archangel CHAMUEL_ his name means the ONE WHO SEES GOD or THE LOVE OF GOD.
The Archangel Chamuel helps to improve relationships, both with others and with ourselves. He is the angel of love, of compassion, of mercy, of forgiveness… of inner peace. He tells us not to be too hard on ourselves… Give yourself permission to make mistakes, that’s how you learn. Love yourself… treat yourself with love as I treat you. Learn to look at yourself as I look at you. Don’t take things so seriously…
Its colour is pink.

When you are confronted with a tense or inharmonious situation, wrap yourself or the person or situation in the colour pink, as if in a bubble. Immediately the angels will intervene and the situation will change if your desire comes from the bottom of your heart. It does not fail. I have checked it many times. To my great joy and wonderful amazement.

You can say in moments when for one reason or another you feel disgusted or tense:

In the name of god I AM THAT I AM, in the name of the archangel Chamuel, go forth the forces of anti-love. And the latter is said 9 times in a row. It is wonderfully true. Everything becomes much better and the tensions disappear.
Archangel Gabriel_ his name means GOD IS MY STRENGTH
The help of the Archangel Gabriel purifies us with his wonderful white light and at the same time helps us to renew ourselves, to recharge our energy, to decode our DNA from the residues and miasmas that we carry and prevent us from growing, to shed old prejudices that are often embedded not only in us, but also in our families; to realise that we are a part of a whole. It also brings clarity and creativity of ideas.
Working with the Archangel Gabriel is like receiving a stream of life-giving and resuscitating energy into the soul. It stimulates joy and helps us to grow spiritually
Its colour is white

He can be invoked by saying something like this:

I am love. I am the realization of the great purpose that brought me to my first breath.
Archangel ZADKIEL_ his name means GOD’S JUSTICE.
His colour is violet. The colour of transmutation. Of mercy. Of forgiveness. Of the freedom of the soul.
With its help we can transmute all negative feelings, emotions and vibrations into positive emotions. It frees us from all kinds of bondage, physical or moral but also karmic.
It helps us to understand ourselves, to forgive ourselves and encourages us to move forward. It encourages meditation, strengthens psychic abilities and develops the intuition.

An invocation to work with the violet flame can be to repeat a mantra like this:

I AM the living flame of cosmic freedom.

Or one can also say I AM a being of violet fire, I am the purity that God desires.

Or else: I AM the violet flame in action here and now. I AM the violet flame transmuting all negative feelings, emotions and vibrations in me and in all humanity.

Working with it brings peace, calm and the most wonderful of freedoms. That of us towards ourselves.
Archangel URIEL_ his name means FIRE OR LIGHT OF GOD.
To work with the Archangel Uriel is to work with peace on all levels. Peace within, peace of mind, tranquillity of spirit, resolution of the problems of anger and fear, especially when they lie on the psychic level. It is of great help in eradicating deep-seated energetic blockages through various incarnations. It helps human beings to connect with the divine order to bring about world harmony and peace. It also helps us to bring spirituality into our daily lives.
Their light, gives enlightenment, so when we feel lost, we can invoke them and their action is very, very fast and powerful.
Their colour is red-purple. The colour ruby, pulling for the dark violet

We can work with him by saying something like this:

I am the flame of love that sustains all. I am serenity. I am a messenger of peace.
But, apart from these archangels, there are many others, perhaps less known to us and with whom we are less familiar, but who also do a very important work with us.

Archangel Raziel_ his name means THE SECRET OF GOD.
This wonderful archangel helps us to develop our psychic abilities while fostering a greater understanding with our spiritual side. His help allows us to understand sacred geometry and all kinds of ‘high level’ information.
He is the one in charge of transmitting that divine spark that comes to us suddenly and that allows us to see clearly the path to follow, especially in what relates to the divine purpose.
His colour is indigo (deep blue)
Archangel HANIEL_ his name means THE SAINT OF GOD
The archangel Haniel could be said to be in charge of divine communication. He helps us to fulfil the mission of our souls through a greater understanding of the divine plans through our inner work.
His messages are often subtle but also very direct. Working with this loving being of light we will be guided by visions, personal revelations and even angelic coincidences.
It empowers the intuition and gives us emotional freedom.
Its colour is turquoise blue.
Archangel RAGUEL_ his name means FRIEND OF GOD
Their role is to oversee the co-ordination of all the world and angelic hierarchies, so that good order, harmony and divine will reign everywhere.
He is also a great help to all those who feel helpless or abandoned for one reason or another. His help is very quick; one need only invoke him in all sincerity to help breathe in new and life-giving energy. And it is wonderful for resolving all kinds of conflicts.

Archangel JEREMIEL_ his name means MISERY OF GOD
This loving being of light has two main functions – in addition to all the others proper to all – and that is to help souls who have just finished their earthly journey to review their lives; what they have learned and what is still missing and what will be left for the next time.
But, if their help is requested, it also helps each of us to make an inventory of what we are doing in our lives so that we can make the appropriate corrections.
He is a being of infinite love and helps us to examine ourselves without fear, with all the love in the world, and to learn from our past experiences in order to become stronger and wiser.
Archangel AZRAEL_ his name means WHO GOD HELPS
Their specific role is to help people, or rather souls, at the crucial time when they leave their physical body. He also comes in those previous moments to help and comfort, in a way playing the role of a reassuring, loving guide who tells you ‘don’t be afraid, you are not alone, I will tell you where you are going, while helping you to assimilate your new state.
His help also includes the bereaved family members who remain even on this physical side. His energy is very quiet and serene. He respects the crying, lets us vent and then acts in our hearts with his love and tenderness, so that we feel a little less alone… and all this with infinite tenderness and love…
This most powerful being of light influences the ‘star of the soul’ chakra, the eighth chakra
This chakra is also called the ‘seat of the soul’ and is located about an inch from the head, so it can also be considered the first non-physical chakra.
This chakra contains information related to our soul. And when the archangel activates it, it envelops us in an energy so powerful that it discharges fundamental information into our lower chakra system, thus initiating a process that could be called ‘enlightenment’.
Invoking, working with the archangel Metraton brings tremendous, enlightening, wonderful spiritual growth. Now, yes, we know what we came to this planet for.
Its colour is white. But, let us remember that white contains and reflects all colours, many of which the human eye cannot even perceive.
Archangel SANDALPHON_ his name means ‘CO-BROTHER
The ckakra influenced by this wonderful being of light is the ‘earth star’ chakra
This chakra is located under the feet, and its depth varies in each person, depending on their involvement on the spiritual plane.
He is said to be the female cherub that appears on the left side of the Ark of the Covenant. He is considered to be a being of very high light and a reflection of the divine, as is his twin.
His colours are all those of nature, for he is the guardian, caretaker and healer of the earth. And, at the same time, he helps our prayers to be answered.

These two great beings of light are the alpha and the omega. The beginning and the end. And they remind us of the expression ‘as above, so below.

METRATON and SANDALPHON are the only archangels whose name does not include the word ‘the’, which means ‘I belong to God’.
This seems to be the case since these two beings of light are the only ones who have ever been men, that is, they have lived a human condition. Thus, it is believed that METRATON was the prophet and scribe ENOC of whom the Bible speaks. And SANDALPHON was the prophet Elijah. Thus, these two archangels could be said to be the ‘youngest’ as they were ‘created’ after all others, without this condition making them less in power. All, all beings of light work in unison to fulfil the designs of the divine and all, all, work together, each is his specialty and assignments received with equal love.

Let us imagine such wonderful friends who never get angry with us. Imagine friends who always, always respond ‘present’ when called, who are always there, guiding, supporting… Who, although sometimes we turn our backs on them, always continue with their hand outstretched waiting for our call, and when we return, repentant, they welcome us with an embrace of the most immense love and affection. Without grudges, kind, smiling, loving… there are no words in the world that can define what is the infinite joy of feeling them every day in our lives.

And that is all. I hope that you have not been bored with this reading and that I have been able to convey the emotions that I feel when I speak of the brothers of light. I encourage you to incorporate them into your lives, to become friends, to let yourselves be pampered and loved by them. Learn to see yourselves with the same love with which they see all of us. Love. The purest love.

You whom we love
You don’t see us
You can imagine us from so far away
And yet we are so close
We are messengers
To bring closeness to those who are far away
We are messengers
To bring light to those who are in darkness
We are messengers
To bring the word to those who ask
We are not the light,
We are not the message
We are the messengers.

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