All of us, who more or less, have heard of angels.

Many of us remember fondly that prayer that many mothers said to their children when they gave them their last good night kiss: 4 little corners have my bed, 4 little angels watch over my sleep

Or that other beautiful prayer: Guardian angel, sweet company, do not forsake me night or day

However, as we grow up, with the education we have received, we forget about them and consider them to be products of our fantasy.

And it turns out that this was NOT a product of our fantasy or children’s imagination. When we are born we bring into our soul, in a somewhat unconscious way, the memories of a vibrational plane, of some experiences that we have just left. We know, intuit and feel that there is an energy around us which, of course, we do not know how to define or name.

Many parents, many educators, observe that children speak with ‘invisible friends’ or talk about ‘shadows’ or ‘people’ who have told them this or that. The older ones, in their wisdom, make them understand that this is impossible. And the child, as he grows up, forgets his part, we will say spiritual, in order to live his earthly experience, which we call rational.

Many other people “remember” God and the angels and other spiritual entities only in moments of distress and pain. And once the crucial moment has passed, they return to their everyday lives. Forgetting the help and comfort they have received, or, even worse, attributing things to famous causality.

In our pride and blindness, we believe that this material world, that this planet earth is all that exists. And we forget that there are other dimensions. Some with lower vibrations that we cannot perceive, such as the mineral world. Other vibrations, which we do feel, are in the plant and animal world. And then there are the vibrations of us humans. But there are also the higher vibrations, much higher, which is where the angels and ascended masters ‘live’.

Or, to put it another way, there are other dimensions.

This is easy to understand if we think of one thing. For us a stone, a table, a chair is something that does not move. The human eye cannot pick up the vibrations below ours. But look now, for example, at the blades of a fan or an aeroplane. There comes a time when they vibrate at such a high frequency that we can no longer see them with our eyes. Yet they are there.

Angels vibrate in a dimension so, so high, so pure, so loving, that they are not perceptible to humans. Or at least for the vast majority.

However, if we cannot see them, we can feel them.

Angels are the intermediaries, the messengers that connect us between the material or human world and the world, we will say divine.

All of us, every human being, is born under the protection of an angel. The famous guardian angel. His function is to guide us, protect us and help us to fulfil our life plan. They are always, always by our side. From the moment we are born until we leave. This angel has been with us since our first incarnation.

How many times have we said ‘I’ve been saved by the skin of my teeth’…. However, sometimes bad, serious things happen to us. Then we ask ourselves why has this happened to me? Where was my angel? And we have to remember that something painful often has to happen to us before we finally wake up and react.

Many times, most of the time, humans learn with sticks.

Apart from the guardian angel, there are many other spiritual entities, usually angels and archangels, who come and go according to our needs. This angel – or archangel – is usually called a ‘guide angel’, and stays with us for a certain time. It is therefore not unusual for us to have several angels at our side, watching over and helping our spiritual development.

The great question then could be, if angels exist, why do we not see them? Why do they not come to us in times of pain or when we desperately call upon them for help? Are we so closed off that we do not see them? Or is it that they are too busy and do not care for us?

Nothing could be further from the truth than this. We humans are here on a school planet. We have come to learn a number of lessons. I’m not going to talk about all this now, but in a way, we have to live on a material – human – side before we can ‘remember’ our spiritual side.

This one we will say awakening, happens for everyone in a different way. For some it can be a major loss, an accident, a deep pain… for all, or at least for many, there is always a moment when a declic occurs that makes us aspire to something more, because we know or intuit that there is something else, because we feel an emptiness that we qualify as existential, and then we start to search, to investigate, until at the end, the memories of our previous existence emerge in the form of sensations, perceptions, or simply because we know in the deepest part of our being that that which gives us peace and calm is what we desire. We are absolutely certain that there is ‘something more’ even if we cannot yet define it in concrete words.

For me, this declic, this awakening, came about when I started working with the tarot cards. I don’t really know how to explain it, but it was as if by studying and reflecting on the cards, a portal was opened for me, where memories, sensations, love… everything emerged with an overwhelming force. Although, slowly and working and with a very strong fight between my rational mind and my soul. Then I continued and amplified thanks to the energy of reiki. And well, today I am here. To share my love of our brothers of light, the angels, with all of you.

The name ‘angel’ has its etymological origin in the Greek ‘angelos’ and its translation is actually ‘MESSENGER OR SENDER OF GOD’. His role is to help us reconnect with the essence of divine, from which we come, and at the same time to help us to fulfill the lessons of life in the best possible way. They are energetic entities of light and love.

But not of human love, but of the most wonderful and unconditional LOVE, which is difficult for humans to understand. The example that could come closest and still be farthest away would be the love of a mother for her child.

Angels are love. They love and accept us, in a way that we are totally incapable of doing, even to ourselves. Because they know about our soul. And our soul is so great, so beautiful, so loving, that we have chosen to reincarnate to learn more lessons and thus grow in love and wisdom.

One of the missions of the angels, as I have already said, is to remind us and help us fulfill our life plan. And to remind us that even though we are wrapped in a human garment – man or woman – we are first and foremost spiritual beings, though in a different way from them.

Whatever we do, they never censure. They never judge. They are always there to help and guide us and support us, to teach us. Their energy is one of joy and warmth, of peace, of well-being. Angels have no ego. That famous ego that does so much harm to humanity.

But the angels, our brothers of light, are extremely respectful of our free will. They will never come to us – except as our guardian angel or on some special occasion – if we do not first call upon them, invoke them, and cultivate their friendship.

When you finally decide ‘this is what I want’, when you finally open your eyes and decide that although your rational mind cannot fully admit it, your heart and soul know that they are there, when you invite them into your life, when you give them permission to help and guide you, when you beg them to be your friends

Life changes. No matter how difficult your situation is, no matter how sad you are, there is an energy of love, of warmth that accompanies you that is very difficult to describe. You will never be alone again.

I can only tell you that one feels cared for, loved, protected, pampered, loved, accepted… and that when we learn to see ourselves with their eyes, as they really see us, then life becomes pure magic.

Obviously this does not mean that everything will be easy and all our wishes granted. Not at all.

First, they are respectful of our karma, or the lessons we have decided to learn in our current reincarnation. They will never go against that. We can already ask for love or money for that matter. If we have to learn a lesson with these subjects, they will help us to understand and solve things, but they will not make them disappear at the drop of a hat, because if not, we would not learn.

But, in everything else, when they are around, the emotions that their vibrations arouse are so wonderful and their help so beautiful and sometimes so subtle that it’s exciting and makes you want to grab them and hold them very, very tightly.

We must bear in mind that the relationships with them are, saving the difference, a little like those of friends. I mean that the more you invoke them, the more they let them pass and guide you in your life, the more friends we make of them. The more we understand them and perceive them. The more we feel cared for and protected. Thus a very intimate communication is established and little by little we hear and see them. Although not always with our physical eyes and ears.

One of the first things I did was to ask what was the name of the angel that accompanied and helped me. I felt the need to be able to call him by his name because it seemed that the intimacy between the two was greater.

So, I started every night when I went to bed to ask his name. But not out of curiosity, but because I felt this need in the depths of my soul. But at the same time I’m super clueless. So I begged his name, yes, but also in a way I could remember.

To my great surprise, about a month after I had started to make this plea every night and try to have them in my life, one morning, when I woke up, I heard myself talking out loud and saying a name.

For me it was such a beautiful experience, so exciting, I felt surrounded by a love and affection as I have never felt before. I, so small and with so many doubts, they had given me a wonderful gift.

And I fell in love. With their love, with their energy, with their care. Of their wisdom, of their guidance… for me, since then they are my brothers. My wonderful brothers of light.

Today, I would not know how to live without them. Without feeling them in every moment of my life. And the more I talk to them, the more I ask for their help and guidance… the more intense the relationship is. The decisions are mine. The experiences that I have set out to accomplish in this life are mine and I must accomplish them, but I am no longer blind. Although they don’t always respond to me in a way that I feel with my mind. And often not as quickly as I would like.

So, angels are the messengers between God and humans. We have all heard of the angels that appear in the Bible. The angel who made Adam and Eve from paradise. The angel who stopped Abraham’s hand when he was going to sacrifice his son. The angels who warned Lot to flee the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. There is even an important mention of the war in the heavens, where Michael and his legions of angels expelled the rebellious angels to earth… Even Jesus, the master of love, was comforted by angels before his sacrifice.

These may be myths or legends. But it is no less true that they exist, they do exist. In the lives of humans today there is data collected, let’s say scientifically, from people who have seen, with their eyes to see, these wonderful beings. Sometimes to give them comfort, sometimes to warn them of danger. They all speak of an immense sensation of love, peace, harmony, happiness… and I imagine that of the greatest of all surprises.

There are even testimonies of aeroplane pilots who swear and swear to have seen – also with their eyes to see – large figures going to their height, travelling through the sky. And on the other hand, a great, great number of people who, without having seen them, have felt and perceived them in their daily lives.

Iconography usually represents them with wings. Nobody knows this. For the truth is that while they may appear in human form, they are energy, not matter, and can move freely through time and space. I particularly like to imagine them with big and beautiful wings. For in this way, when I feel them embrace me, for the embrace is greater, it embraces more. I feel completely embraced.

We humans, in our arrogance, believe that we and our planet is all there is. However, there are countless spiritual beings. And as we go along we hear of angels, archangels, cherubs, teachers, guides, elementals, devas, nature spirits…

Everything seems a bit confusing. But that’s not the reality. There is an order. And a very strict one. Each and every thing in its place. But not like a dictatorship. Above all this GOD. The other spiritual beings obey and follow the instructions but out of love. So there are no egos, pride or power struggles.

The angelic hierarchy is not based on power. It is based on the degree of knowledge and wisdom that has been acquired over the centuries. So, let us say that the wisest and most loving – not to be confused with human wisdom – are those who are closest to GOD. But all accepting their role. Not with submission. But with love. Which is something very, very different.

The angelic hierarchy is this, starting with those closest to GOD:

SERAPHS: It is said that they surround the throne of God, singing praises and that they have 6 pairs of wings. With two they cover their faces. With two they cover their feet. And with the other two they fly. They are the angels of fire, love and light.

CHERUBS: who have nothing to do with those cupidon-style child angels of iconography and painting. They are the guardians of the divine and of the sacred places.

THRONES: they too are always in the presence of God. They are the bearers of God’s energy in the form of divine justice. They supervise the angels below them.

DOMINIONS: these angels act as channels of God’s love through the energy of mercy. They rule the level where the physical and spiritual worlds begin to merge.

VIRTUES: They have the power to stop or modify the laws of nature to work miracles on earth.

POWERS: They are said to be the karmic lords, as they protect our souls and guard the Akashic records of each of us.

PRINCIPLES: they are the guardians of the nations and at the same time, they supervise those below them.

ARCHANGELS: their occupation is the coordination and harmonization of all of God’s creation. They are the ones who control the movement of the stars, the seasons, the planets, the lives of the animals…they can be in several places at once. And they are God’s messengers par excellence.

ANGELS: Apart from the guardian angel, the guiding angel that I have already told you about, there are millions of angels and their tasks and duties are infinite. They guard both people and physical things. They bring harmony and beauty into our lives.

In fact, every divine project has an angel assigned to it. Every tree, every drop of water, every plant, every animal… has its angel that helps and pampers it to continue its evolution. Because they too are learning and evolving along with us.

There are the angels of joy, of study, of courage, of faith, of hope, of freedom, the handyman angels… and the guiding angels. At every request, at every call from us, the specialist comes immediately. It is pure magic. It is love.

I would like to make an aside in all these categories. For us humans, the below and the above always indicates you are worth more, the other less; I have more power, you less… This is not at all the case in the angelic hierarchy. I use above and below, I use the word subordinate, because I don’t know what other word to use. But for them, there are no power struggles, no egos, no selfishness, no blind submission, no words like failure… not at all. Each one knows his function, knows his degree of evolution, and all together serve GOD for his greater glory and praise. And for love. For the greatest, most beautiful and incredible of the UNCONDITIONAL LOVES.

And underneath them all are the elemental kingdoms. But this is already the subject of another talk. I just mention it so that you know that the structuring of the divine order does not end here.

Obviously, we humans are generally more familiar with angels and archangels. They are the ones closest to us and we can somehow sense them. And besides, the Bible and other stories have familiarised us a little with their names.

Let us imagine such wonderful friends who never get angry with us. Imagine friends who are always, always responding ‘present’ when called, who are always there, guiding, supporting… That, even though we sometimes turn our backs on them, they always continue with their hands outstretched waiting for our call, and when we return, repentant, they welcome us with an embrace of the most immense love and affection. Without grudges, kind, smiling, loving… there are no words in the world that can define what is the infinite joy of feeling them every day in our lives.

And that is all. I hope you have not been bored with this reading and that I have been able to convey the emotions I feel when I speak of the brothers of light. I encourage you to incorporate them into your lives, to become friends, to let yourselves be pampered and loved by them. Learn to see yourselves with the same love with which they see all of us. Love. The purest love.

You whom we love

You don’t see us

You can imagine us from so far away

And yet we are so close

We are messengers

To bring closeness to those who are far away

We are messengers

To bring light to those who are in darkness

We are messengers

To bring the word to those who ask

We are not the light,

We are not the message

We are the messengers

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