Although some people find it hard to believe, the truth is that negative thoughts attract bad luck. The universe always grants what is requested. So if we send messages like ‘I’m unlucky’ ‘I’m always short of money’ ‘I can’t pay my debts’ that’s exactly what we’ll get.

In order to remedy this situation and to open up our paths again, do this ritual of economic unwinding.

You will need it:

3 small coins

3 money candles

Oil or perfume money

1 handful of salt

1 white candle

1 bouquet of rosemary

1 small ticket

Prepare a quiet and discreet place where you can prepare your altar for this ritual.

Soften the base of the money candles and insert the coins, one in each. Soften the base of the money candles and insert the coins in them, one in each.

Place the 3 candles in the form of a triangle, with the vertex facing upwards. In the middle, place the handful of salt, the branch of rosemary and the white candle on a small plate.

Fold the note into a triangular shape and place it on the rosemary branch.

Light the white candle first. Then light the three money candles, starting with the one at the top and going clockwise.

Say: may divine providence open its doors and provide me with everything I need. Without shortcomings or delays. Without quarrels or deceit. Thank you my God that you have already heard me. Amen.

Once the candles are consumed, throw away all the remains along with the salt and rosemary.

Keep the note which from now on will act as a magnet to attract money. Be very careful not to use it by mistake.

Do this ritual on a Sunday during the crescent moon phase.

Note: all the rituals are reinforced if the appropriate incense is also used. This ritual can also be enhanced with baths that will help to open the paths more powerfully.

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