The aim of this ritual is to help us forget an impossible or unrequited love, which obsesses us and makes us suffer.

Choose a night of the waning moon for the ritual.

Boil a litre of water and wait until it is warm. Add a dash of beer, 3 drops of vinegar, a little rue oil and a teaspoon of sea salt

In the shower or bath, pour this preparation over your entire body, from head to toe. It is very important to wet your crown, where the seventh chakra is located.

Invoke the purifying power of the waning Moon – the Moon of ruptures – by saying this magic prayer:

Lady of the night, you who disappear and reappear even more beautiful, let your healing power purify me from the false illusions of elusive love. Give me the strength to recover and to go on in search of the true one.

Visualize how the water that goes down the drain takes away our pain and our disappointment

When you finish reciting the prayer and if you feel uncomfortable take a normal shower. But it is best to do your personal hygiene first, pour the preparation over you, let the water drain, dry yourself gently and leave it on all night.

Put on white sleeping clothes, to facilitate the emotional healing process and purification during the night.

Repeat this ceremony completely for 3 nights in a row.

For greater intensity, it is recommended that you put up candles to turn or move away until you completely forget about the person.

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