Saint Martha virgin, for the caramanchel you are going to consume today, for the oil with which this lamp is lit and for the cotton with which the holy oils were cleaned, I light this lamp for you to remedy my needs and help my miseries and overcome all difficulties, as you defeated the wild beasts at your feet; for you there are no impossibilities: give me money to cover my miseries and needs. Thus, my mother, grant that (here the name of the person) I may not be able to be or live in peace, until at my feet I come to stop. Grant me what I am asking you to alleviate my sorrows, for the love of God. Amen. Jesus.
St. Martha, virgin, who entered the mountain, you frightened the wild beasts, with your ribbons you tied them up and with your hyssop you tamed them: so mother of mine, if this is true, tame me to (here the name of the person, again). Saint Martha, do not let him sit in a chair, nor in a bed, nor have a moment’s peace until he comes to my feet. Saint Martha, hear me, attend to me, for the love of God Pray three Hail Marys.

It is recommended to strengthen this prayer with appropriate candles: love, mastery, Saint Martha… is also one of the appropriate prayers for love rituals, in order to give them more strength.

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