O unique spirit, without beginning or end, Omnipotent, of whose ocean of life I am a drop; let me feel the presence of your power; let me know more fully what you are and what I am in you. Let the awareness of your reality and my spiritual reality penetrate my whole being and let the power of the spirit, manifested through my mind, penetrate the body of this other being whom I wish to heal (the name of the person is said), infusing it with health, vigour and vitality, so that it may be a more worthy temple of the holy spirit, a more expeditious channel of the one life. Make this body rise above the gross vibrations of the lower nature and reach the subtle vibrations of the spiritual mind, by which we may know you, give this body through the mind that animates it, the peace, strength and life that belongs to it by virtue of your being. Let the flow of Your energy pour out upon (name is called) that which is disturbed and revive it and bring it back to normal, this I ask of You, O Lord, God Almighty Spirit, for I am Your child and by reason of Your promise and of the inner knowledge which You have given me. Amen.

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