If that is your wish – I hope so from the bottom of my heart – you must start by accepting its existence, of course.
And to begin with, because somewhere you have to start, you have to understand that this planet where humans live is not all that exists.
Long before the earth was made, GOD existed and had already created his helpers. The angels, archangels and other spiritual beings. They are his children, or his helpers.
In GOD’s world, in the spiritual world, everything is order, everyone collaborates for GOD’s glory and each of these beings has a specific function, which they fulfill with the greatest pleasure. They obey out of love. The greatest of loves. Unconditional love. There are no egos there, but there are hierarchies. The spiritual beings are divided into categories: choirs, thrones, seraphs, cherubs, domains, virtues, archangels, angels… each one has a specific mission.
When the earth was created, this planet school where we live, the angels of course helped. Every tree, every animal, the seas, the winds, the seasons, the stars… all of this was done with the greatest care and attention so that in its day it would be occupied by us. The humans. And even today they continue to take care of every living thing, and make sure that everything keeps pace with them.
We are made in the image and likeness of GOD. In all of us there is an infinite potential. We are light, even if it is only a small light. Note that a drop of water does not form the ocean of course. But it contains all its potential. In miniature. That is who we are. And it is up to each one of us to develop that tremendous potential.
So notice, if GOD created all this for us, if he commissioned his spiritual children to make us a wonderful home, taking care of every last detail so that we would be comfortable to learn… do you think he would leave us here alone and helpless? Of course not. To the angels we are like their little brothers and they continue to care for us, precisely because of this, so that we grow and our souls evolve
Many people believe that GOD and the angels are up there. But that is not true. What happens is that there are different dimensions and vibrations. So for us a stone, a table, is something immobile and inert. This is because they vibrate very low and we cannot perceive them. Plants vibrate a little higher, and if we can’t see it with the naked eye, we can perceive their growth as the days go by. But the angels vibrate on a scale – octave – much higher than ours. And we cannot perceive them with the naked eye. They escape human perception. Just as the blades of a fan become invisible when they reach sufficient speed.
But they are here. At our side. Always. But in a different dimension.
The word angel means ‘messenger of GOD’. His function in relation to us is to help us remember what our souls already know, to help us remember who we are, where we came from and where we are going. They take care of us with all care and affection so that one day we can be light and love. Like all creatures created by GOD.
And just as everything on earth has its guardian angel, we also have ours. Who accompanies us not only in this present life, but has been with us since our first incarnation. He is the guardian angel. His role is to guide us, protect us and help us to fulfil our life plan. They are always, always by our side. From the moment we are born until we leave…
But, apart from him, there are also other beings of light who come and go, according to our present moment and according to the needs we have, spiritually speaking. They are the guiding angels. They remain with us for a certain time, until we have learned the lesson we need. We are never alone. We are cared for, loved and pampered as what we are: Beings of light… even if sometimes the light is very, very small.
All of us, more or less, have heard of angels as children. However, as we grow up, with the education we have received, we forget about them and consider them as products of our fantasy.
And it turns out that this was not a product of our fantasy or children’s imagination. When we are born we bring into our soul, in a somewhat unconscious way, the memories of a vibrational plane, of some experiences that we have just left. We know and feel that there is an energy around us which, of course, we do not know how to define or name.

Many parents, many educators, observe that children speak with ‘invisible friends’ or talk about shadows or people who have told them this or that. The older ones, in their ‘wisdom’, make them understand that this is impossible. And the child, as he grows up, forgets his part, we will say spiritual, in order to live his earthly experience, which we call rational.

And now, after spending half our lives – or more – believing only in what we see, we have to deprogram ourselves to become children again. That is to say, to learn to believe in what we do not see, to begin to feel, and that is the moment when we begin to ‘see’.

The angels, our brothers of light, are always by our side. But they respect our free will. If we do not call them, they will never intervene, except on very specific occasions.
But they are there, we can perceive them not with our physical eyes – although there are people who do – but rather by the feelings they arouse in us.
And right now we are at a time when many people are trying to remember, they realise that there is something more. That they are missing something… this is the moment we will say that our brothers the angels were waiting for to start acting in a more precise and specific way both on a general level and on a particular level with each one of us. That is why it is so, so important to know them, not only from an intellectual point of view, but from the point of view of love and trust.

Look, the love that the angels have for us is so, so infinite that at their side, a mother’s love for her child would be too small. And that, here on earth, is the greatest love I can think of.

Angels are love. They love and accept us, in a way that we are totally incapable of doing or even understanding.

One of the missions of the angels, as I have said, is to remind us and help us to fulfill our life plan. And to remind us that even though we are wrapped in a human garment – man or woman – we are first and foremost spiritual beings, though in a different way from them.

Whatever we do, they never censure. They never judge. They are always there to help and guide us and support us, to teach us. Their energy is one of joy and warmth, of peace, of well-being. Angels have no ego. That famous ego that does so much harm to humanity.

But the angels, our brothers of light, are extremely respectful of our free will. They will never come to us, I insist – unless they are our guardian angel or on some special occasion – if we do not first call upon them, invoke them, and cultivate their friendship. We need to feel them, to listen to them, to know them, to love them. And, for that, we have to become their friends

Contacting them is super easy. Because they are really looking forward to it. Their main job is to help us wake up, remember and evolve so that we can rise in vibration. But, for them it’s a joy to make our everyday life easier. They are always there, ready to help us, to give us a hand so that we are not so sad, so that we are not so closed, materialistic and selfish.
They have an energy of deep love, of course, but also of joy, of harmony, of peace. There are no words in the world to describe the happiness you feel when you start making friends with them. Besides, they are very mischievous, and sometimes they do things to make us laugh, because when something happens and we realize it, and we thank them, they are happy and laugh with us.
To talk to them you only need the sincere desire of the heart. And of course, to accept the signs and indications they give us. Because sometimes we try to call everything coincidence and chance, so as not to admit the truth; so as not to think like children.
And just as to be a person’s friend requires spending time with them, talking, listening, dialoguing, so it is with our brothers and sisters. There is nothing more beautiful in the world than starting the day by blessing them, asking them not to leave us all day. That is to say, to ask, to listen, to thank, to bless? and all this with all the love in the world. That is the key. Thus, little by little, an intimate relationship is created between them and us that is the closest thing to what can be described as HAPPINESS.

We have to realize, as I said before, that they like to help. But in everything in everything. From something important to something small. So that the day goes well, so that there are not many people in line, so that we find a car park, for an exam, for something that has been lost, for an appliance that does not work, for driving… for everything. And they’re going to do it. They love to see the look on our faces when we realize that zas… everything is going as we had asked.

I really, when I see what they do, is that many times I laugh myself of pure happiness. And of gratitude. Because it is the pampering and care taken sometimes to extremes that are the proof of an infinite love…

It is clear that they are not our servants. I am talking about a relationship of friendship and respect. We cannot ask and ask and then ignore them in our hearts. Because we must not forget that their true mission is our spiritual advancement. Only that while they do it, they help in the small things of daily life. It is clear that to ask yes, but without selfishness. And then we must bear in mind that they will never go against our karma, that is, the life lessons that our soul has asked to learn in this reincarnation.
You know, I often think that if they help so much in everyday life – not to mention in deeper things like becoming aware of who we are and in our spiritual awakening – it is precisely so that we worry less about everyday things and thus focus more on the spiritual aspect.
They are more than happy to help us in all aspects of our lives. Inviting them to live with us is the most wonderful of all gatherings. And besides, they are specialists in solving small and big problems.

It is a mistake to believe that we should only call them when something big happens to us. Not at all. Ask them to help you with everything. In human and everyday problems. In the problems of our soul, to understand things better, to connect with our higher self…for them it is a pleasure to help us.

So, how to invoke them? How to make them present in our lives? How to make us their friends?

You can do it in a quiet moment at home. You put on some music, incense, make the sign of the distance if you have reiki, and simply call. That’s all there is to it. It doesn’t get more complicated than that. Angels like beauty and harmony. In your home. But also in your heart. Create that atmosphere for them. You will be the first to benefit.

For those who like to meditate, they can recreate a landscape or a place that means beauty or harmony to them. A river, the sea, a forest… once you get there sit down and call upon your angel, or your teacher or your guide. You may see it on the first day, you may take longer. But it will come. Moreover, even if you do not see him, ask your questions. And be attentive to the answers not only at that time, but in later days. And of course, you have to be regular. You can’t really make friends with someone with just one conversation.

You can call your guardian angel. Or you can call the right specialist if you know.

For example, the archangel MIGUEL is the protector par excellence.
The archangel MIGUEL belongs to the blue ray. You can invoke him to protect you, your loved ones, but also your home. You can invoke him to accompany and protect you on a journey… or in any other situation where for one reason or another you feel fear or dread.

If your problem is one of health, you know that the specialist is RAFAEL. Invoke him, invoke him with total confidence that you will be heard. You may not be healed, if you have to learn something from that disease, – or someone around you has to do it through you – but surely your soul will feel that help and you may even feel stronger.

To the Archangel ZADQUIEL and his angels of the violet light They are specialists in transmutation. That you are disturbed, distressed, restless… call upon the angels of the violet light. You can say something like:
I call upon the violet light to transmute all negative feelings, emotions and thoughts in me and in all others.
You can even imagine or visualize how that weight comes out of you in the form of a ball and they take it. What you will feel is as if that weight is falling on you again, but now as if it is a shower of harmony, of peace…

The archangel ANAEL or CHAMUEL. The archangel of love. The pink ray. It is clear that he can be invoked for things of the heart and sentimental. But also for love in its highest conception. Look, if you ever feel that a person is vibrating inappropriately, or that you are unwittingly involved in or witness a stressful situation, wrap him or her immediately in the pink light. Like a ball, a shield or whatever you want. Invoke the archangel CHAMUEL. Things will change almost immediately.

The archangel JOFIEL, for example, is the specialist of wisdom. He belongs to the yellow ray. From whether you need to pass an exam, to speak rightly on a particular occasion, to understanding more about your spiritual side or the divine designs.

If you know who to call perfect. But if you don’t, absolutely nothing happens. Many people get overwhelmed or restless… am I doing it right? Of course you are. That stuff about rituals and exact things ‘and now point one and then step two’, belongs to human language only. They listen to you, they understand you, they know… By saying ‘brothers I need help in this and this’ as concretely as possible… the message will come and help will be sent.

What matters is the heart. The feelings inside you. And being consistent with yourself. You can’t ask for something that will hurt another person. And you have to thank and bless. Your actions, words and thoughts must gradually vibrate higher, so that you, I, each of us, gradually emit the light of love. Or if you want it more poetically, let us be little beacons, which attract other people, to form a great chain of love, where unity reigns and egos are banished for everything ever.

The truth is that it is a lot of fun to work with them. As soon as you begin you will notice things like: you will find bird feathers, or you will see angel figures, or the name of an angel will be pronounced, a book, a film, even perhaps a particular smell… it is so that we can see with our ‘seeing eyes’ that they are there.

But we must not forget that above all, the work of each angel is to help us develop our spiritual and divine side. So yes, we can ask them for everything that we as humans need. But we must not forget to ask them also to help us understand, to remember, to improve in that which blocks us: fears, anger, attachments… we can ask them to allow us to see the Akashic records, to help us remember the soul agreements, to allow us to remember our soul plan…

Blessings and care, peace of mind and spirit, joy, happiness and love, much love, await you just by saying ‘brothers, help me, guide me, teach me

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