A bad day? a day of good luck? where does this legend come from? Is there any real basis?

In Spain, Greece and some Latin American countries, Tuesday the 13th is considered a special day of ill omen. We have all heard of ‘Tuesday the 13th, don’t get married and don’t go on board’, in clear reference to everything that is done on this day, will go wrong. Or even worse.

Although there is no scientific basis to justify this belief, it seems that this special bad luck day comes from the fact that the number 13 is associated with evil.
At the last supper of Jesus Christ, it was the 13th apostle, Judas, who betrayed Him. The cabal speaks of 13 evil spirits. The 13th chapter of the apocalypse speaks of the antichrist and the beast. In some Nordic traditions, it is attributed to LOKI – the devil – the number 13. In the tarot, card number 13, is the card of Death…. It is therefore not surprising that this number is unpleasant.
In fact, if you look, in hotels you will not find floor number 13. Nor, of course, room number 13.

On the other hand, on Tuesday, it takes its name from the planet Mars, considered to be the warrior planet, the god of war, and since the Middle Ages this planet has been considered to be the ‘little evil’, in contrast to the planet Jupiter which is considered to be the ‘great evil’.

Legends even claim that the confusion of languages at the Tower of Babel occurred on a Tuesday and 13th.

However, there is a group of people who consider this day to be just the opposite: that is, a day of special good luck, and it is a fact that on Tuesdays and the 13th all kinds of games of chance increase.

It is curious that in Anglo-Saxon countries and in Italy, the negative day par excellence is not Tuesday and 13th as it is for us, but Friday 17th.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that people who barely dare to leave their homes or do anything on Tuesdays and 13 – that there are, hailas – are afflicted with a phobia that experts call TREZIDAVOMARTIOPHOBIA.

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