PRAYER TO ST. PANCRAZIO. (Health and stable work)

Glorious St. Pancrazio, I humbly ask you to intercede for me before the Lord and to grant me the precious gifts of health and work. Let me know the hidden secrets that lead to obtain health, so that I may correct my mistakes and give endless thanks to you for it. Today, remembering you in this crucial moment of my life, I appoint you as my defence lawyer, so that I may achieve the joy of life through good health and a dignified, stable and well paid job. Thank you, St. Pancrazio, for these gifts which we already take for granted. Pray an Our Father.

An image of St. Pancrazio is used during the prayer that will take place at 12 noon for 9 days in a row. The green, yellow and lilac candle should remain lit for 30 minutes.

A petition will be written on a thin paper with green ink which will be placed inside the candle to be burned with it.

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