If the loved one has left us and we want to regain their love, this return spell can be practiced.

They are needed:

3 love candles

Love powders and oils. (dominion, despair, tethering…)

1 box of new pins

1 block



Rose petals

Choose a crescent moon Friday for this ritual.

Put all the items in the centre and the candles all around. Concentrate on the desire. Write the name of your loved one on the candles, ‘rebozo’ them with the oils and powders. Stick a pin in the apple, – the name of the loved one will have been engraved on it beforehand – imagining that you are sticking it into the heart of the person in question and saying: this pin will remind you of my love.

Stick another pin in and say: this pin will remind you of my passion.

Pin the third pin and say: the third pin will be your sorrow for having left me.

Keep sticking the remaining 4 pins in and say each time: this pin is for…. and mention below some happy experience with your partner.

When all the pins have been stuck in, split the apple, put a spoonful of honey and a spoonful of cinnamon and some rose petals in the middle, add the rest of the powders and oils and put it back together again. Tie it with blue ribbon if it is for a man and with pink ribbon if it is for a woman. Leave the apple surrounded by the candles until they are completely consumed. And then bury it somewhere where there are flowers – be careful not to leave any thorns. From now on, every night you will visualize how your love has returned to you. This will soon be the case.

Note: allow a few minutes to pass between the pins. The decrees must be said loudly and firmly.

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